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DOI 10.23753/htafocus2021.01.006

Francesco Saverio Mennini, Paolo Sciattella, Simone Gazzillo, Rosalba Cucci, Marco Vignetti, Massimo Breccia,

Sara Galimberti, Giovanni Martinelli, Gianantonio Rosti, Giorgina Specchia, Paolo Vigneri, Giuseppe Saglio,

Michele Baccarani, Fabrizio Pane


Background the LabNet network is a platform that connects Hematology Centers and Molecular Biology Laboratories with the aim of facilitating and standardizing the procedures of the most common laboratory tests for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). The platform allows reliable blood tests with the same level of quality throughout Italy, with the aim of minimize the patient movements. 

The objective of the study was to describe centers and laboratories activities and to estimate savings associated to treating patients in the LabNet network.

Methods the description of centers and laboratories activities was based on activity data provided by GIMEMA Foundation (Italian Group of Adult Hematological Diseases) for the period 2016-2018. The number of reported exams, treated patients, new diagnoses, patients who achieved complete molecular response were available for each center.

Potential saving due to discontinuation of therapy for patient who achieved complete molecular response was estimated considering the mean annual cost of therapy based on market share and distribution of patient by first and second line equal to 75% and 25% respectively.

Results the laboratories of the LabNet network were 56 in the period 2016-2018, the average number of patients entered in the LabNet database was 11,440 (about 4,400 patients per year). Complete molecular response was observed in 10.7% of patients. Assuming a therapy cessation for these patients, a potential saving for the National Health Service (NHS) was estimated at € 11.28 million per year. 

Conclusions the study highlighted the results obtained through the LabNet network in terms of number of performances, patients treated and potential savings for treatment interruption.

Key words: HTA, Precision medicine, Laboratory network, LMC, Pharmacoeconomics

Leucemia mieloide cronica: valutazione dei costi e degli end-point clinici con il sistema LabNet

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