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Analisi di budget impact per l’inserimento in prontuario di insulina glargine 300 U/ml presso l’ASL Città di Torino 

DOI 10.23753/htafocus2021.01.005

Stefano Costantino, Marlene Silvia Saracino, Davide Fassina, Sara Osella, Michelangela Pozzetto, Valeria Milone,

Paola Crosasso


Insulin glargine is a long-acting insulin available on the market in different formulations (pens, vials) and different concentrations (100 U/ml and 300 U/ml). Products with different concentrations are not bioequivalent to each other: slight differences in the glycemic profile and slightly higher consumption of units for 300 U/ml formulation were observed in pivotal studies. Different formulations also have different costs.

Following the request for inclusion in the therapeutic handbook of ASL Città di Torino of the 300 U/ml formulation, the Hospital Pharmacy carried out an analysis of the consumption of insulin glargine (vials and pens of 100 U/ml) in the various hospitals of the ASL and an estimate of the budget impact of the new formulation (pens of 300 U/ml).

The results showed uneven consumption between different structures, with a prevalent use of vials in hospitals, while pens are mostly used in external facilities supplied by the ASL and in direct drug distribution services.

From an economic point of view, the 300 U/ml formulation would be convenient compared to 100 U/ml vials but not compared to 100 U/ml pens, although the difference in absolute value is not high. Some patients with frequent episodes of nocturnal hypoglycaemia may benefit more from the 300 U/ml formulation.

Key words: diabetes, insulin glargine 300 U/ml, basal insulin, budget impact, continuity of care 

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