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Sviluppo di una procedura regionale di HTA nell’ambito del progetto SIFO - ANMDO per l’introduzione di tecnologie sanitarie innovative

DOI 10.23753/htafocus2015.01.003

Davide Minniti, Marika Giacometti, Michele Ceruti, Stefano Passi, Marco Grosso, Alessandra Allocco, Diego Barilà,

Ida Raciti, Alessandra Bianco, Paola Sguazzi, Ottavio Davini, Roberta Siliquini, Francesco Cattel


In health sector particular attention is given to how we evaluate the appropriateness in the use of technology, indeed technological innovation is usually coincident with an exponential increase of costs. In this context, the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a key tool able to provide policy makers with objective data in order to take the best choices in a perspective of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity in healthcare. The main objective was to develop a common HTA procedure in order to facilitate the decision making process of innovative technologies acquisition. Five piedmont centers were involved. The evaluation process provided several steps: analysis of clinical need, analysis of technology effectiveness and description of the organizational and economic impact.

Key words: Health Technology Assessment, innovative technology, appropriateness

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