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Diabetes is continuously growing with a high epidemiological, economic and social burden. Self-monitoring of blood glucose is the standard of care for patients with type 2 diabetes treated with multiple daily insulin injections. Four or more daily blood glucose tests are recommended to adjust insulin doses and avoid hypoglycaemic episodes. Nowadays are available flash glucose monitoring (FGM) systems for detecting real-time interstitial glucose fluid without finger-prick testing of capillary blood glucose. According to literature these systems can avoid acute and chronic complication and improve quality of life. FGM can be considered cost-effective due to a reduction of of total healthcare spending.

Key words: FGM, flash glucose monitoring, hypoglycemia, diabetes, healthcare spending 

Vantaggi economici del monitoraggio flash nel paziente con diabete mellito di tipo 2

DOI 10.23753/htafocus2023.01.003

Eleonora Monti, Sergio Di Matteo, Giacomo Matteo Bruno, Chiara Martinotti, Luigi Carlo Bottaro, Giorgio Lorenzo Colombo, Enrico Torre 

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